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Viking Marin Shipyard
Viking Marin Teknik Donanimlari Mümessillik Tic. A.S.
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Categories: Yacht
Seas Marmara Sea
Region: Tuzla
Countries: Turkey
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Address: Tersaneler 2. KisimG 50 Sok. No:29 TUZLA 34947 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
Phone: +90 (216) 392 82 90
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The Company was founded in 1940's in Istanbul on the shores of the famous Golden Horn where on those days were the heart of Turkish Shipbuilding Industry since Ottoman Empire. The main areas of interest were building wooden Boats/Yachts and giving Slipway Services until 1984.

In 1984, the company was relocated at Tuzla, about 30 km east of the city centre, the area which became the centre of Ship and Boat Building Industry of Turkey.

In 1990 the company is reorganized by the second generation, who still is at the helm of the company, to built Luxury Custom Motor Yachts. The construction of two 27 m luxury Mediterranean style Turkish Gullet Motor Sailors, namely ALDEBARAN and ALTAIR, was followed by the construction of AL-FAILSALLAH, an 18 m. Laminate Wood Composite Luxury Motor Yacht for a Saudi Arabian customer.

In addition to wood composite, Motor Yachts began to be built employing Strong Plank System which enabled Viking Marin to built GRP composite structured Custom Motor Yachts without the need of any moulds. The construction of a 12 m. version was followed by a 16 m. model the "HAGAR 52".

The "Viking Marin 32", Flybridge and Sedan versions, designed by the Viking Marin team, is the first production boat with a moulded GRP Structure became very popular with single/twin engine options satisfying a wide range of customers with different expectations. The upgraded model "Viking Marin 34", Flybridge and Sedan versions, incorporates two semi tunnels for props producing higher cruising and top speeds with a bigger aft cockpit.

The "Viking Marin 34 Aft Cabin", designed by John R. Moxham, has been far more than expectations in the aft cabin market.

The “Viking Marin 285 PILOT" again by John R. Moxham, proved to be, not just another flavour but, the Wheelhouse Wonder of her range, after her first launch at the Southampton Boat Show 2006.

Viking Marin 465 FLY, designed by Fulvio De Simoni, is the flagship of our production boat class for the time being and the sister ship 405 FLY will be introduced at the Istanbul Boat Show, Feb 08.

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Tersaneler 2. KisimG 50 Sok. No:29 TUZLA 34947 ISTANBUL / TURKEY
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