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Ustamehmetoglu Shipyard
Ustamehmetoglu Gemi Tersanesi
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Categories: New Building , Repair , Yacht
Seas Black Sea
Region: Eregli
Countries: Turkey
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Address: Role Çengelburnu Gülüç Shipyards Region Eregli / ZONGULDAK / TURKEY
Phone: +90 (372) 318 13 50
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Ustamehmetoglu Shipyard was established by Yakup Ustamehmetoglu who started production with wooden fishing boats by utilizing saws,gangsaws and adzes in 1920s in order to meet the Black Sea Fishermen's needs. 

Depending on demands, he also produced small wooden sailing boats, schooners and galleys. In 1960s, besides production of older wooden ships continuinguntil 1976, production of steel fishing boats and small sailing boats had been started by Kemal Ustamehmetoglu who took over his father's occupation. 

In 1990s, Adem Ustamehmetoglu, a representative of 3rd generation, had arranged the shipyard in a 10 land measure of area consisting of 400 m² closed area workplace, 360 m² offices and social facilities, 600 m² machine park, 2 concrete sledges and 5 mobile sledges, presses and other technological equipments providing a production completely from steel. Those developments result a variation of products and satisfaction of our national and international customers' demands in every type, tonnage and length. 

Having approximately a past and an experience of a century, in addition to shipbuilding, our shipyard has also services of excavation, filling, loading & unloading with a large vehicle park and human resources aiming to satisfy it's customer's demands and provide an added value to Turkish economyFurthermore, Umo Ship Industry and Trade Ltd having totally 50 hectares of closed and open area was founded by Kemal and Adem Ustamehmetoglu in 2003.

Owing to Ustamehmetoğlu Shipyard's employees and machine park, UMO Ship Industry and Trade Ltd quickly enlarged and satisfy the market's demands easily. At this moment, 7000DWT Chemical Oil Tanker, 3050 DWT General Cargo, 45 metres Mega Yatch and 20metres of Seismic Investigation Boat (for General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration ) are under construction. By the end of 2008, we aim to complete 120 hectares filled and closed area project and obtain the capacity of production up to 30.000 DWT ships and multi-purposed vessels. 

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Role Çengelburnu Gülüç Shipyards Region Eregli / ZONGULDAK / TURKEY
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